Liam Brannigan

Helping you to solve your data challenges

An experienced lead data scientist with experience across many domains including finance, technology and environmental analysis.

I created the Data Analysis with Polars course and offer data science consultancy and training for scientists and data scientists in effective data analysis.

Data science consultancy

I have led data science consultancy projects across a range of problem types including analysis of text, time series and geo-spatial data.

I focus on adding value for clients by getting to grips with their challenges and finding the most appropriate technology to solve their problems.



Effective Data Analysis

In my Effective Data Analysis workshop attendees learn how to boost their productivity as a data analyst with python. We cover topics like building a reproducible analysis environment, testing your analysis pipelines and scaling your analysis to large datasets.

The aim of the workshops is to give attendees a good introduction to the key concepts of effective data analysis. In the workshop materials I also provide a curated set of resources to help attendees to continue their learning process long after the workshop has ended.

If you would like to learn more about the topics I cover in the Effective Data Analysis workshop click here to get in touch with me.