This is my new website where I’ll be providing resources related to my research and considering some of the bigger challenges facing ocean and climate researchers.

I’m a newcomer to building websites, having used a simple widget to put things together during my phd. I’ve found the process of putting together a basic website to be surprisingly straighforward. This is because I’ve built this site using jekyll, an open source … something … for building websites. I chose jekyll as it ties in nicely with github, where I’m hoping to be more open about posting the code I use to analyse observations and model simulations.

The main advantage of using jekyll is similar to the main advantage of using github in that you can access the code of other more advanced users to reduce the learning curve a bit. I’ve found the websites of Ryan Abernathey and Cesar Rocha to be particularly inspiring. I also appreciate design guru Rasmus Andersson making his site code open source to see how simple but effective design works in practice.